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Morning on Hang Bac St.


Back in the Old Quarter of Hanoi (see Scenes From The Old Quarter and Hang Be Street). Took a walk after breakfast to participate in the bedlam. How many types of transportation (and fruits) can you spot in the image above? No stop lights, no stop signs, no rules. The city wakes up quickly in this part of town.


No Cars/Cars?

The sign outside my hotel in the Old Quarter of Hanoi might suggest that vehicular traffic is prohibited, i.e. only pedestrians and maybe scooters allowed. After walking the length of the street, I know there is a similar sign, facing the other way, at the other end. But this street (Hang Bac) is always clogged with traffic. Maybe the sign means no cars, but buses (shown above) are allowed? Or maybe the sign is positioned so far from the corner that no one can see it? Or, perhaps as is true with many things in Vietnam, the sign is just a suggestion.



Tea cups, tea pots, gaiwan, tea trays, saucers, and an eclectic assortment of other blue and white porcelain household items for sale in a small shop in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam (see Scenes from the Old Quarter). I love this stuff, but how many tea pots do you really need? [NOTE: I have three: (1) a dark blue, cast-iron Japanese tetsubin pot, (2) a beautiful celadon glaze pot with a rattan handle and a little green frog on the top from Vietnam, and (3) a large, truly stunning, rust-colored Heath Ceramics pot with a wrapped copper handle - for those special occasions (thx, Kit)].


Morning Flowers

I am staying in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, and I went out walking this morning after breakfast and got a nice image of this lady getting her flowers ready to sell.  This is such a vibrant section of the city. Especially on Monday morning.


Scenes from the Old Quarter

I got stuck in rush hour traffic in the Old Quarter of Hanoi this afternoon. So vibrant and we were moving so slowly. The driver was continually honking the horn. I was continually smiling and filming. Look closely. The girl with the ladder, the lady in the dress shop, the vegetable sellers, the kids running down the sidewalk, the variety of different helmets and face masks. There are a million stories here. [NOTE: Music by Esbjörn Svensson Trio].