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The Elements of Typographic Style

Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T Pullover

Minding the Earth, Mending the Word: Zen and the Art of Planetary Crisis

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  • File

    Acta Amazonica 16(1)161-173.pdf

    Estudios Ecológicos de Camu-camu (Myrciaria dubia). 1. Producción de Frutos en Poblaciones Naturales.
  • File

    Advances in Economic Botany 8.pdf

    Fruits from the Flooded Forests of Peruvian Amazonia: Yield Estimates for Natural Populations of Three Promising Species
  • File

    American Antiquity 48(3)610-615.pdf

    Observations on Maya Subsistence and the Ecology of a Tropical Tree
  • File

    Borneo Research Bulletin 31.pdf

    Balancing Supply and Demand: A Case Study of Rattan in The Danau Sentarum National Park, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.
  • File

    CBNRM 2009.pdf

    Community-Based Natural Resource Management in the Hukaung Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. Report submitted to the Myanmar Forest Department on initial village survey.
  • File


    Community-Based Natural Resource Management: Data Collection in Nam Sabi and Training in Htamanthi, Sagaing Region, Myanmar. Report submitted to the Myanmar Forest Department about participatory buffer zone management.
  • File


    Community-Based Natural Resource Management: Layout and Invenotry of a Village Management Area in Nam Sabi, Sagaing Region, Myanmar. Report submitted to the Myanmar Forestry Department.
  • File


    Los Alebrijes de Oaxaca y el Manejo de la Selvas Secas
  • File


    Dioon edule: la planta más antigua de México
  • File

    Community Forestry in Kachin State.

    Community-Based Natural Resource Management in the Hukaung Valley Wildlife Sanctuary: Phase II. Report submitted to Myanmar Forest Department
  • File

    Conservation Biology 3(4)341-349.pdf

    Oligarchic Forests of Useful Plants in Amazonia: Utilization and Conservation of an Important Tropical Resource
  • File

    Economic Botany 41(3).pdf

    Otomi Bark Paper in Mexico: Commercialization of a Pre-Hispanic Technology
  • File

    Economic Botany 57(4)431-441.pdf

    The Life and Times of Bursera glabrifolia (H.B.K.) Engl. in Mexico: A Parable for Ethnobotany
  • File

    Economic Botany 61(1).pdf

    The Rattan Trade of Northern Myanmar: Species, Supplies, and Sustainability Economic Botany 61:3-13.
  • File

    Economic Botany 68 (2).pdf

    Revisiting Camu-camu (Myriciaria dubia): Twenty-seven Years of Fruit Collection and Flooding at an Oxbow Lake in Peruvian Amazonia
  • File

    ForEcoMgmt 261.pdf

    Post-logging regeneration and recruitment of shihuahuaco (Dipteryx spp.) in Peruvian Amazonia: Implications for Management.
  • File

    ForEcolMgmt 262.pdf

    Effect of habitat and grazing on the regeneration of wild Agave cupreata in Guerrero, Mexico
  • File

    ForEcolMgmt 306.pdf

    Growth of wild rattans in Cambodia and Laos: Implications for management
  • File

    Forest Fruits

    Density and productivity estimates for Myrciaria dubia, Grias peruviana, and Spondias mombin populations in floodplain forests of the lower Ucayali River, Peru.
  • File


    Report from the rattan survey submitted to the Myanmar Ministry of Forestry.
  • File

    Illipe Nuts.pdf

    Illipe Nuts (Shorea spp.) in West Kalimantan: Use, Ecology, and Management Potential of an Important Forest Resource.
  • File

    Indigenous Silviculture2000.pdf

    PreColumbian Silviculture and Indigenous Management of Neotropical Forests
  • File

    MAB report.pdf

    Regeneration and Growth Strategies of Brosimum alicastrum Sw. in the Moist Tropical Forests of Mexico
  • File

    Nature 1989.pdf

    Valuation of an Amazonian Rainforest. Nature 339.
  • File

    Nature 481,433.pdf

    Train local experts to help conserve forest. Nature 481:443.
  • File


    Description of the Oficinas Caboclas do Tapajos forestry project in the Tapajos-Arapiuns Extractive Reserve, Brazil.
  • File

    Peters and Henderson, 2014.pdf

    Systematics, Ecology and Management of Rattans in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam: The Biological Bases of Sustainable Use
  • File


    Managed Forest Gardens in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, pp. 167-176 in Perspectives on Biodiversity, AAAS (1993).
  • File

    World Bank Technical Paper No 322.pdf

    The Ecology and Management of Non-Timber Forest Resources