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The Elements of Typographic Style

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Minding the Earth, Mending the Word: Zen and the Art of Planetary Crisis

North Face Base Camp Duffel (Medium)




I have used several different cameras during my fieldwork.  Things routinely break or "disappear", and I seem to upgrade equipment more frequently than perhaps I need to.

Some of the earliest videos were shot using a Sony DCR-PC110 Digital Handycam together with a 12 volt SunCatcher Expedition solar panel to recharge the batteries. I later bought a Canon ZR 600 Camcorder and have been quite happy with it.  Smaller, lighter, and does fine except in really low light. Moving further in this direction (perhaps too far), I recently ordered a Flip Mino to stuff in my pocket. Depending on the complexity of the video and my level of enthusiasm, I use either iMovie'11 (v.9.02) or Final Cut Express HD (v.3.5) to edit the clips.

As for still images, I use a trusty Nikon Coolpix 8700 and have recently acquired a Nikon D60 SLR. I like the image quality and lens capabilities of the D60; the portability and tolerance of the Coolpix are hard to beat. [NOTE: I recently purchased a Canon Powershot G11 and love it; don't use the Coolpix much now. But all things change. As of June, 2015, I now shoot with a Lumix-DMC-LX7 and also love it. A bit lighter and better image quality].  Images are stored and managed using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (v.3.3)Adobe Photoshop CS6 is my preferred tool for cropping and tweaking and whiling away the hours.

"thus i have seen" is produced using an old, somewhat dented, 12-inch Powerbook G4 and Squarespace v. 5.  I wouldn't trade either of them. [Full disclosure: I just bought a new 13-inch aluminum MacBook. Fuller disclosure: I'm posting with a svelte, 11-inch MacBook Air with 4 GB of RAM now. And love it. Final (?) disclosure: I just got a Space Grey, 16 GB iPad Air and am teaching myself to post with iOS7 (now iOS8). My field pack just got significantly lighter. Nice].