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Steel Vernier Caliper

Minding the Earth, Mending the Planet: Zen and the Art of Planetary Crisis

Night Sky


More Case Art

This time a praying mantis. He writes, "First time drawing a bug. Very different. Much heavier reliance on blending stroke to create sheen". Interesting. [NOTE: Case's entire portfolio (almost) is now online here. Lot of patience, skill, and creativity to make these images].


Here We Go, Again

The daffodils are up again (see Daffodils and Hi, Spring) in the front yard. Yippeee! Temperatures are moving into the high 60's, there's a lot of sun, and it won't be long before the flip-flops come out of the closet. It's been a long and unpredictable winter.


More Prints

Case was home yesterday cutting linoleum and getting the last five prints ready for his show (see Case's Art Is Up). Everything got printed, signed, framed, and delivered. The amount of detail on the octopus (with coffee cup) is truly amazing. Said it took him over 100 hours to carve it. [NOTE: Love the reds in the top image].


Abundance of Art

So wonderful to live near an art museum that has Matisse's Dance (I), as well as an exhibition of Bjork's work.

Way to go, MOMA. You are much loved. 


Case's Art Is Up

Oldest son, Case (see Case and Phearoom), has an art show of this linoleum block prints hanging in the R Patisserie Cafe and Tea Boutique in New Rochelle. Six pieces are already up (see Steal Yourself and Ganesh with Coffee) and four or five more on on the way. [NOTE: Just so you know, the pieces are for sale at reasonable prices].