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Silva Ranger 515 CL Compass

Practice of the Wild

A Winged Victory for the Sullen


Avalokiteshvara II

Lovely Chinese statue of Avalokiteshvara at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Western Xia Dynasty (1038 - 1227), wood with traces of pigment and gilding. 


Sun Beetles

More from the insect house at the Cincinnati Zoo. A group of sun beetles (Pachnoda marginata) from west Africa climbing all over themselves. The signage describes them as "a fleet of taxicabs jockeying for position". Kind of does look like that. Also lists their prey "as ripe fruit and tree sap". Says they make great pets. 


My Weight In Insects

The Cincinnati Zoo (and Botanical Garden) has a wonderful insect house with a display that allows you to determine your weight in insects. Couldn't pass this up. Result is shown above. [NOTE: Let the record show that the scale value includes the weight of my camera].


Hocking Hills Rock Climbing


The Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio has ninety-nine acres of forest that have been set aside for rock climbing and rappeling. I don't actually do either of these, but I certainly appreciate massive sandstone outcroppings. [NOTE: Go here for a little about the geology and cultural history of the Hocking Hills].  


Crooked Still

Just back from a week in Ohio, taking daughter Amy (see World's Best Carrot Cake) to college, relaxing in a cabin in the Hocking Hills, and spending some time with oldest son, Case (see VietClimb). Also logged a lot of driving time. Wasn't as tedious as it could have been thanks to the lovely sounds of Crooked Still (thx, Case), an "alternative" bluegrass band with banjo, cello, stand-up bass, fiddle, and incredible vocals by Aoife O'Donovan. Their album Some Strange Country, the title song from which is featured in the video above, is particularly tasty - and good for driving long distances.