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The Elements of Typographic Style

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Minding the Earth, Mending the Word: Zen and the Art of Planetary Crisis

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  1. Guerrero, MEXICO (see Mescal)
  2. Oaxaca, MEXICO (see Alebrijes, Eco-Alebrijes, Biltmore Stick)
  3. Veracruz, MEXICO (see The Curious Case of Brosimum alicastrum, Uxpanapa, Bird's-Eye View, Dion edule)
  4. Louisiana, USA (see Clyde Connell)
  5. Quintana Roo, MEXICO (see Selva Maya, Selva Maya II, Selva Maya III, Selva Maya Interrupted, How to Make Dendrometer Bands, Street Food in Chetumal)
  6. Michigan, USA (see Don't Miss Your Flight)
  7. District of Columbia, USA (see Hope. Change)
  8. New York, USA (see Elias Drops a White Pine, Fall Sesshin, Gas Exchange, Jizo Bodhisattva, Moore at the Garden, Rohatsu, Sitting in Threnody, Snow Day, In Praise of Northern Hardwood Forests, Orchids, Orchids, and More Orchids, A New Year).
  9. Cusco, PERU (see Cusco Market, Machu Picchu, El Ticlio)
  10. Jenaro Herrera, PERU (see Camu-camu, Herbarium Specimens, Jenaro Herrera, Masato, Regeneration Surveys, Umberto Pacaya, Uvilla, Yield Studies, The Importance of Looking Down, Fisherman, Varzea Still Life, Grias Predated, Growth Rings, Spider Flower)
  11. Iquitos, PERU (see Belén Market, Iquitos; Real Big Fish, Risky Business, Chaucheros, Snack Food of the Gods, Cigarette Roller)
  12. Tapajós-Arapiuns Extractive Reserve, BRAZIL (see Oficinas Caboclas do Tapajós (B&W), Size Matters, Sunday Soccer, Tapajós - Arapiuns, Tapajós Vignette, The Scent of a Tree, The Toucan and the Jambu Tree, Camera Shy)
  13. Douala, CAMEROON
  14. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve, UGANDA (see Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve, Consensus, Fieldwork in Uganda)
  15. Western Ghats, INDIA (see Firewood Collectors)
  16. NEPAL (see Elephants in the Mist, Rhinos, Scenes from Kathmandu, Climbing On the Ponies)
  17. Kachin State, MYANMAR (see A Bridge Too Far, Bathing the Elephant, Hukaung Gold Mines, Hukaung Valley Rattan Survey, Naga Festival, Shopping For Supplies, Tanai, Tolagyi Tour, Picnic at Transect 3, Checkpoint on the Road to Namyun, Driver Needs a Drink of Water)
  18. Mandalay, MYANMAR (see Mandalay Express)
  19. Yangon, MYANMAR (see Sunday at Shwedagon)
  20. Mon State, MYANMAR (see Kyaiktiyo, Bayin Nyi Monastery and Caves)
  21. Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA (see Black Pepper)
  23. Bogor, Java, INDONESIA (see Kebun Raya)
  24. Bali, INDONESIA (see Threads of Life)
  25. West Kalimantan, INDONESIA (see Bapaks from Bagak, Damar, Illipe Nut, Illipe Nut II, Illipe Nut III, Petai, Pitcher Plants, Tembawang, Corpse Flower, String of Pearls, Peat Farmer, Basketmaker, Shingle Maker, Jungle Gym, Where'd all those durian trees come from?, Rubber, Field Crews, Ladang, Global Positioning System, Landscape Fishing, Managed Landscapes, Roads)
  26. Danau Sentarum, West Kalimantan, INDONESIA (see Cordage, Danau Sentarum, Bubu Weaver, Honey)
  27. Truong Son Range, VIETNAM (see An Unusual Rattan, Weaving a Trivet, Pressing Plectocomiopsis, Forest Collectors, Kon Tum, Andrew's Binoculars, Karst, Phong Nha-Ke Bang, Leeches)
  28. Hanoi, VIETNAM (see Ba Vi, Watering the Lotus, Streets of Hanoi, Lake Hoan Kiem)
  29. Beijing, CHINA (see Beijing at Work, Forbidden City, Thermos Bottles)
  30. Central Luzon, PHILIPPINES (see Erosion)
  31. Gulf Province, PAPUA NEW GUINEA (see Palms of Kikori, Unscheduled Stop, Living on a Log Raft, Wet Feet, Chain of Custody, Pneumatophores, Sago)
  32. Yunnan, China (see Sharing a Ride)

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