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Entries in Hanoi (16)


Urban Altar

This beautiful little altar, with Quan Âm (see Quan Âm), water, incense, and flowers, is tucked away at the base of a large, whitewashed Ficus tree on a tiny sliver of concrete between three streets in the Old Quarter of Hanoi (see Scenes from the Old Quarter). Thousands of people walk by this every day. Some stop to offer incense - or to take a picture. [NOTE: Altar is right next to Dinh Tien Hoang where the last part of this video was shot].


Morning on Hang Bac St.


Back in the Old Quarter of Hanoi (see Scenes From The Old Quarter and Hang Be Street). Took a walk after breakfast to participate in the bedlam. How many types of transportation (and fruits) can you spot in the image above? No stop lights, no stop signs, no rules. The city wakes up quickly in this part of town.


Pictures of Pictures II

Was walking though the outdoor exhibits at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi (see Museé d'Ethnographie du Vietnam) and happened on this photo shoot. Seems to happen a lot to me in Hanoi (see Pictures of Pictures). The model's hair and dress - and the indigenous structure in the background with the statues - remind me of the Elves in Lord of the Rings.


No Cars/Cars?

The sign outside my hotel in the Old Quarter of Hanoi might suggest that vehicular traffic is prohibited, i.e. only pedestrians and maybe scooters allowed. After walking the length of the street, I know there is a similar sign, facing the other way, at the other end. But this street (Hang Bac) is always clogged with traffic. Maybe the sign means no cars, but buses (shown above) are allowed? Or maybe the sign is positioned so far from the corner that no one can see it? Or, perhaps as is true with many things in Vietnam, the sign is just a suggestion.


Hang Be Street

Took a stroll down Hang Be Street in the Old Quarter of Hanoi this morning. One of the most interesting parts of this city is simply trying to cross the street (near miss at 0:54). The large street shown at the end of the clip is Dinh Tien Hoang which goes around the north end of Hoan Kiem Lake (see Lake Hoan Kiem). [NOTE: Music by El Ten Eleven].


Field Trip

Took a stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake during my last morning in Hanoi and met this lively group of school kids waiting to cross the bridge to Ngoc Son temple (see Lake Hoan Kiem). I especially enjoy the contribution of the little boy at the end of the clip.


Pictures of Pictures

And, finally, this advertising shoot over by Hoan Kiem Lake (see Lake Hoan Kiem). The photographer had no idea I was behind him. The models saw me and were clearly amused at the taking pictures of taking pictures. All in all, a wonderful morning stroll in Hanoi.


The Egg Man

And I also came across this man loading several hundred eggs on the back of his scooter to be delivered all over town. He gave me a thumbs up and an enthusiastic "OK!" after I took his picture. I certainly hope everything goes OK as he navigates the Old Quarter traffic in Hanoi (see Scenes from the Old Quarter).


Morning Flowers

I am staying in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, and I went out walking this morning after breakfast and got a nice image of this lady getting her flowers ready to sell.  This is such a vibrant section of the city. Especially on Monday morning.


Rush Hour

This is what morning rush hour traffic looks like in Hanoi. A veritable river of bicycles and motorcycles. Packed together, the handlebars only inches apart, but miraculously never touching.  It's like there is a thin forcefield around each vehicle that repels foreign objects.  See Going to Dinner in Hanoi for a view of nighttime traffic from the back of a motorcycle.