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There's a great little shop, CUISH,  in the center of Oaxaca City that sells a bunch of different varieties of artisanal mescal made from wild  agaves. The agave circled in red in the poster shown above, "papalometl", is the species (Agave cupreata) that I studied in Guerrero (see Mescal and Counting Agaves). The shop is dark and filled with hundreds of little bottles of mescal; tasting is encouraged before buying. [NOTE: The posters are free when you buy a bottle of mescal].


Minions in Oaxaca

Nice collection of minions for sale in the Plaza de la Constitución, or Zócalo, in Oaxaca. Probably about time to do some more work with Drs. Purata and Gerez on the tree-growth study (see Growth Bands in Comaltepec). Would love to visit Oaxaca again.


More Growth Rings

And speaking of growth rings, the rings widths on these Pinus patula boards at the INFOMASC (Industria Forestal Maderera de Santiago Comaltepec) sawmill in Oaxaca are pretty impressive. Not surprising, really, because I know that these forest are very well managed - and FSC certified. 

As emphasized by the sign in front of the sawmill, "Profitable Forests" (Bosque Rentable) are "Sustainable Forests" (Bosque Sustentable). [NOTE: Our tree growth workshop (see Growth Bands in Comaltepec) was held in a restaurant right in front of this sawmill. Fitting].


Museu de las Culturas de Oaxaca

The convent at the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzman (see Virgin Mary) was converted to a gorgeous museum of Oaxacan cultures in 1972. Hundreds of lovely artifacts on display, but I was perhaps most captivated by the turquoise-encrusted skull from Tomb 7 at Monte Alban. Dates to the 14th century. [NOTE: Prior to its conversion to a museum, the convent had served as a military barracks for 40 years].

Virgin Mary

The Santo Domingo de Guzman church in the center of Oaxaca is one of the most fantastic examples of Baroque religious architecture that I have ever seen (but, see Thambuddhei Paya). The interior is reported to have been decorated with 60,000 sheets of gold leaf. While the main altar is completely awe-inspiring (I guess that's the point), I actually spent more time in the side chapel (shown above) gazing at the Virgin Mary, and all of the saints, and angels, and golden garlands, and fresh carnations, surrounding her.  Quiet, cool respite from the hustle and bustle of mid-day Oaxaca.  


More Tools

Some of the tools used by artisans in Oaxaca to create alebrijes (see Alebrijes and Eco-alebrijes). [NOTE: I think I took this picture in the village of San Martín Tilcajete in the Central Valley of Oaxaca. Silvia?] [CORRECTION: I apparently took this photo in Arrazola (thx, Silvia)].