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Farmers Market

New Rochelle has its Farmers Market on Saturdays. I went last Saturday and got a lot of really great produce. Have already cooked the kale, it was delicious, and an easy recipe for preparing this delightful leafy green can be found here (Steamed and Sautéed Kale.pdf).



Well, it wasn't the largest blizzard in the history of New York, and we didn't get two to three feet of snow, and there weren't 50 to 60 mph winds with tree limbs and power lines crashing down – and I am grateful for all of these things. We did, however, get 5 to 6 inches of fluffy white snow, it's 28 degrees outside, and my Adirondack chair is no longer an inviting reading spot. Minor inconveniences. And the snow is really beautiful.  


Fort at Ward Acres

Took a pleasant walk yesterday afternoon through the forest at Ward Acres Park and Nature Reserve in the North End of New Rochelle. Beautiful vistas, nice wetland boardwalks, and huge tulip poplar (Lirodendron tulipifera L.) trees, but I was most taken, perhaps, by the fort. Don't know who built it (wish it was me) or when, but there are two stone seats inside, the floor is swept clean, and there is room to stand for several small people. Someone had a great time making this. [NOTE: Pleased that the city appreciates the value of such a structure in their nature reserve and has not torn it down].    


Thanksgiving Parade 2012

Went to the Thanksgiving Parade in New Rochelle last weekend to watch daughter Amy (see Amy and the Dolphin) march with the NRHS band. Marching bands and bagpipes and antique cars and roller derby clubs (they were great), but the star of the show was undoubtedly the large man in the red suit with the long white beard. Lot of nice details in this image: the two-handed, politician wave, the Christmas lights strung over the albino reindeer, the Queen's Wig store in the background, and the three kids looking out from the second-story window. [NOTE: And of course, let us not forget the appearance of the big man in Laos last year (see Santa in Vientiane)]. 



One of the hundreds of trees in New Rochelle that blew down during Hurricane Sandy. This large silver maple (Acer saccharinum L.) crashed between two parked cars, leaving both unscathed. Other cars and fences and houses weren't so lucky. About 65% of the households have lost power (including mine) and MetroNorth commuter railroad service is suspended. Will post when I can, but it may be pretty sporadic. [NOTE: The white pine in the side yard held it's ground against Sandy].


Memorial Day 2011

Went to the Memorial Day parade this morning to watch my daughter play clarinet in the NRHS marching band (great job, Amy). Lots of motorcycles and bagpipes and veterans of foreign wars and sparkly floats and prancing baton twirlers and horses. And I took pictures of everything. But my favorite shot of all is the little guy above biting the windowsill in rapture while watching the show with his mom. 


More Snow

Started snowing again last night after midnight, and now we have 3 - 5 inches on the ground.  Schools are still open, however, much to the dismay of my kids. School district probably used up all of their snow days. [NOTE: Have started posting my videos in HD through Vimeo. HD video is so big that it can’t fit in the width of a regular web page, so it is displayed at half size. To see the whole image, go into full screen mode by clicking the full screen button in the lower right of the player. The native size of Vimeo HD files is 1280×720].



I know, I know.  I posted a clip of the July 4th fireworks display at Hudson Bay Park last year (see 4th of July). But they were better this year. See for yourself. Spectacular. [NOTE: Music by The Album Leaf].