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Rice Fields at Phú Vinh

Driving into Phú Vinh (see Phú Vinh) on a rainy morning during planting season. Red brick walls and emerald-green rice fields. Wispy fog. Enchanting. [NOTE: Music is Alberta by Goldmund, a.k.a. Keith Kenniff].    


Another Tea Break

On one of my numerous trips from Hanoi to the Truong Son Mountains - and back, this young man prepared us a pot of hot tea in some roadside stop whose name I have forgotten. [NOTE: Love the red curtain in the background and the polka-dot glasses].  


Wave Goodbye

Another image from the 550 year old Chuc Thanh pagoda in Vietnam (see Chuc Thanh Pagoda, Chuc Thanh II, and Chuc Thanh IV). After my initial encounter with the trainee nuns here (see Chuc Thanh III), I toured the entire pagoda with them trailing a discrete distance behind me and giggling. I turned back as I was leaving the grounds and got this shot - and lovely wave - before they closed the door of the main meditation hall. [NOTE: I waved back].


Not Rattan

This picture is from Central Vietnam. Can't remember the exact circumstances, but I know that it was shot out of the front window of the truck that I was in, and that I was probably frantically pulling my camera out as we got closer to this truck thinking that it was full of rattan cane. But it's not. It's full of rubber hoses. Hundreds and hundreds of rubber hoses.



Small altar outside the Chuc Thanh pagoda (see Chuc Thanh Pagoda and Chuc Thanh III) in Central VietnamNo incense smoke because it was drizzling rain. Does the merit from the offering continue if the incense goes out? I certainly hope so.  



Examples of indigenous textiles (and accessories) from the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi (see Musée d'Ethnographie du Vietnam, Another Carving, and Bicycle With Fish Traps). Goes without saying, but these textiles are hand-loomed and colored with vegetable dyes. Exquisite. What are you wearing to work this morning?


The Bell at Ba Vi

About half way up Tan Vien mountain at Ba Vi National Park outside of Hanoi is a small Buddhist shrine with a beautiful bronze bell. It's about 600 steps to get here (see Ba Vi). The view is transformative.


Rice fields at Phong Nha-Ke Bang

The karst formations surrounding Phong Nah-Ke Bang in Vietnam (see Phong Nha-Ke Bang) contain a fabulous assortment of caves and grottos, they house the longest underground river in the world, and the region was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. The unique geology is shown in the background. The foreground presents the most ubiquitous of all livelihood activities in Southeast Asia. All of the arable landscapes outside the park are skillfully farmed for rice every year. Life goes on. 


Chuc Thanh IV

So many wonderful images from the 550-year-old Chuc Thanh pagoda in Vietnam (see Chuc Thanh Pagoda, Chuc Thanh II, and Chuc Thanh III). This one shows a young trainee nun sitting on top of a scooter engrossed in a comic book. She looked up when she heard me walk by and gave me a photogenic pose and a lovely smile.


Near Vinh

Hundreds of children riding their bikes home after school in the blazing afternoon sun of Central Vietnam. Wonderful diversity of hats, scarves, and helmets. A little scary how close the buses and trucks come. [NOTE: Clip was filmed from inside an air-conditioned car near the capital city of Vinh in Nghe An province].