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Bodhisattvas at Chua Tay Phuong (from the Archive)

The Tay Phuong Pagoda, first established in the 8th century it is said, is located about 30 kilometers west of Hanoi in Ha Tay province. The pagoda was completely rebuilt in 1632, and many of the structures on the site are from this period.  Lots of beautiful and meaningful things here. I was most taken by the incredibly realistic statues of bodhisattvas. I would love to have met these guys. [NOTE: More about the history of Buddhism in Vietnam can be found here].

Guardian of Tay Phuong

The main entrance to the first hall at Tay Phuong pagoda (see Main Hall at Tay Phuong and Bodhisattvas at Chua Tay Phuong) contains this imposing fellow.  A calm countenance, but with the sword, armor, and painted lips, clearly not someone you want to mess with. [NOTE: I was told that the beautiful bell to the right dates from the 8th century]. 


Main Hall at Tay Phuong

A lot of the objects in here are several hundred years old.  Some are not.  Notice, for example, the box of Choco-Pies on the altar next to the fruit. I guess it's like Ed Brown says, "No sugar, no enlightenment".  This place was enchanting. [NOTE: There is an audio track to this clip, but you have to turn up the volume to hear it].