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Sunday morning of sesshin at the Garrison Institute (see Fall Sesshin, among others). You spend hours sitting, reflecting, observing moment after moment. And then, there are always those times, frequently at the end of sesshin, when your thoughts turn toward "what happens next?"

That's kind of where I am today. Everything is pretty much together for my trip to Italy (see Bellagio) this weekend. And I pause to reflect on the writing project that I will be immersed in over the next six weeks. Not knowing is, indeed, most intimate. [NOTE: Photo by G. DeBrocky (thx, Glynn)]. 


Shoes Outside the Door

Shoes carefully lined up outside the meditation room at the Garrision Institute during the EHZC Fall sesshin. A very rich weekend.  Spending quality time with your mind can be quite humbling. [NOTE: Deep bows of gratitude to Susan and Dennis for this learning opportunity (thx, guys)].


Fall Sesshin 2011

This from Gary Snyder:

"We have to appreciate the Mind that floats our many selves, gives shelter to our hard-won information and word hoards, and yet remains a sea of surprises. Meditation is the problematic art of deliberately staying open as the myriad things experience themselves".

Off tomorrow for the annual Empty Hand Zen Center Fall sesshin at the Garrison Institute. Three days of silence, contemplation, and deliberately trying to stay open as the myriad things experience themselves. [NOTES: Image above shows the magnificent Buddha Hall at Garrison; great place to sit. Snyder quote from A Place in Space (1996); wonderful collection of essays]. 


Dharma Gates Are Boundless

The door latches on the guest rooms at the Garrison Institute are the original handcrafted pieces fitted in 1928 when the former Capuchin monastery was built. I reflected on this every morning as I opened the door and headed down to the meditation hall for morning zazen.  The Spring Sesshin at Garrison always seems to be followed by additional long hours of sitting for me - on an airplane (see Spring Sesshin).  Off to China on Thursday.


Spring Sesshin

I am heading up to the Garrison Institute tomorrow to participate in the spring sesshin with my friends at the Empty Hand Zen Center. I am very much looking forward to the three days of quiet sitting.  On Tuesday, I am off to northern Myanmar (see Hukaung Valley Rattan Survey and Tolagyi Tour of Tanai), and southwestern China for a month. More sitting - but on planes. [NOTE: The image shows one of the gardens tucked away in back of Garrison.  A beautiful place for walks].


Fall Sesshin

The wooden man starts to sing; the stone woman gets up dancing.
-Song of the Precious Mirror Samadhi

I spent the last three days in sesshin at the Garrison Institute. [NOTE: I was doan, so I spent a lot of time with the gongs and the clappers and the inkin].