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Certificate of Equatorial Crossing

OK. So here's the proof. Here is a signed certificate fom the Mayor of Pontianak, West Kalimantan showing that on Friday, April 24, 1992 I crossed the Equator. [NOTE: I took my GPS (see Global Positioning System) out to the Equatorial monument outside of Pontianak once. It's not exactly on 0.00°. Sigh].  



Bugis boat moored on the Kapuas River in front of Pontianak in West Kalimantan. The Bugis are an ethnic group from South Sulawesi renown for  their shipbuilding and sailing skills. They were also feared pirates during the 1800's and plundered the seas from Singapore to the Philippines.  The old expression used to get children to behave, "you better do this or the boogeyman will get you" is thought to have originally referred to Bugis pirates. 


Kalimantan Woodcarver

Woodcarver working in his shop in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Noteworthy, because the piece he is working on is the cradle for our first child (see Many Years Ago in Pontianak).


On the Loose

This from the Kebun Binatang (zoo) in Pontianak.  On one of our Sunday visits in the early 1990's, we noticed that a baby oranghutan (Pongo pygmaeus) had gotten out of the cage and was gleefully running around the grounds - and getting a lot of handouts from the visitors. [NOTE: The zoo in Pontianak never had enough money to operate, and several zoo animals (e.g. a sun bear, Helarctus malayanus) actually starved to death during my time in West Kalimantan.  Maybe letting the animals out of the cages to interface with the public was a strategy for getting them fed (sigh).]  


Many Years Ago in Pontianak

Pontianak, West Kalimantan during peak durian season (see Where'd All Those Durian Trees Come From), and the fruits are piled up in heaps on the sidewalk.  The seller is pleased that I want to take a picture of his fruit (which, indeed, is a beautiful durian), but the photo is mostly focused on my wife, Elysa, and first child, Case. This was a magical time. [NOTE: Case is currently a sophomore in college.  He still has that look].