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More Kayin Buddhas

An auspicious gathering of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas at the base of a majestic limestone mountain in Kayin State, Myanmar. Go here for a close-up of one of these beautiful statues. [NOTE: The statues are just sitting out in a field along the side of the road. And it was drizzling rain and misty. I did a little bow and took lots of pictures]. 


Kayin Buddha

This weathered concrete Buddha is sitting in a field at the base of a limestone mountain in Kayin State, Myanmar (see Bayin Nyi Monastery and Caves and Before the Rain).  The feet and hands have been weathered smooth. The face, albeit soiled and smudged, continues to maintain the calm, mindful countenance of an awakened being. A beautiful piece of Buddhist iconography.


Before the Rain

Ricefield in Kayin State, Myanmar (see Bayin Ni Monastery and Caves). [NOTE: It started pouring as soon as I got back in the car after taking this picture].


Bayin Nyi Monastery and Caves

On the road between Hpa-an and Thaton on the western bank of the Thanlwin River in Kayin State, Myanmar is a beautiful monastery and a cave filled with statues of Buddha. To get to the monastery, a monk ferries you across the river in a large wooden boat. [NOTE: The boat is a little leaky and requires some occasional bailing.]

The monastery, marked by several golden pagodas, is built at the base of a 400 foot limestone cliff.

The upper level (where the monks live) offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area.  I visited Bayin Nyi during the rainy season and most of the Thanlwin River valley was flooded.

The cave contains a small limestone pool, a full complement of stalactites and stalagmites, and several dozen gilded, and incredibly refined, life-sized statues of Buddha. There is also a box containing the names of all the pilgrims who have visited and payed homage to the site.  My name is in this box now, too.