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Minding the Earth, Mending the Word: Zen and the Art of Planetary Crisis

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Entries in Hukaung Valley Rattan Survey (4)


The Myanmar Times

Can't remember what this says. But it was in The Myanmar Times in late February 2005 and that's me standing in front of a large pile of rattan cane in Kachin State with a fieldbook and a Hukaung Valley Rattan Survey baseball cap (see Mandalay Express; wait until the end of the video clip). [NOTE: Anybody read Burmese?  I'd love to know what this says].


Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today I was drying palm specimens with a charcoal-heated plant drier in the yard of the Hukaung Valley Wildlife Sanctuary headquarters at Tanai. That's U Myint Maung (see U Myint Maung), the warden of the Wildlife Sanctuary, lifting the cardboard to peek into the drier, and U Tun Shuang (see Group Photo) bending over to check the stoves.

I like the "Ten Years Ago Today" concept and will probably do more of it. And now that I store all of my images in the cloud with Picturelife, and get a link every morning to the pictures that I have taken on that day, it's all pretty easy. A more orderly chronology of the "thus" that "i have seen". 


U Myint Maung

U Myint Maung running compass in one of the initial training transects during the Hukaung Valley Rattan Survey (see Hukaung Valley Rattan Survey).  Very focused, poised, and efficient at keeping the transect  line straight. U Myint Maung was the Warden of the Hukaung Valley Tiger Reserve (as it was called in those days) during the 2005 rattan survey. Warden of one of the largest protected areas in the world, capable compassman, and a truly great guy (scroll down to the end of the January 23, 2005 journal entry).


Pressing Palms

Andrew Henderson and I together with  U Tin Maung Ohn (white shirt, sitting cross-legged on a newspaper; see U Tin Maung Ohn and the Monkey), U Kyaw Lwin (dark blue shirt, sitting on the ground), and several local field assistant in the courtyard of the Shimbweyeng Guesthouse in northern Myanmar cutting up and pressing the day's collection of palm specimens. [NOTE: Warm enough for palms, but I have on a flannel shirt and several of the guys are wearing jackets. Perfect weather for botanizing].