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Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Paid a visit to the Sleepy Hollow cemetery outside of Tarrytown, NY this weekend. Several notable people are buried here including Andrew Carnegie, William Rockefeller, Harry and Leona Helmsley, and Samuel Gompers. I think I was most excited to find the grave of Washington Irving, commemorated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his 1876 poem "The Churchyard at Tarrytown:

How sweet a life was his; how sweet a death!
Living, to wing with mirth the weary hours,
Or with romantic tales the heart to cheer;
Dying, to leave a memory like the breath
Of summers full of sunshine and of showers,
A grief and gladness in the atmosphere.

Truly an idyllic spot. Gorgeous old trees, grassy knolls, and the Pocantico River winds through the whole place. 

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