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Clean, Paint, and Gild

Two of four women sitting in a shady corridor at the Imperial City (see Imperial City and Reflections) in Hue and patiently restoring a large, red door that is over 200 years old. First they clean out all of the little nooks and crannies, and then they carefully touch-up the red paint with a small brush, and finally, they rub on the gold leaf with a simple burnishing tool (which looks very much like a stick). [NOTE: I know this sequence because I spent quite a while discretely observing their work - and enjoying the shady breeze]. 


Incense for Tu Duc

Incense offering in front of the tomb of Emperor Tu Duc, the fourth ruler of the Nguyen Dynasty from 1848 to 1883. His tomb/summer palace is located a few miles outside of the city of Hue, Vietnam. I was struck by the thought of contempory Vietnamese offerring incense (and money) to the spirit of this gentle, yet oppressive ruler who signed away much of Vietnam to France. [NOTE: Tu Duc is frequently regarded as the last Emperor of Vietnam].



This sign on a 210 year-old wall at the Imperial City (see Imperial City) in Hue, Vietnam.  What a beautiful, graffiti-free, place. [NOTE: Beautiful - and scorching hot in the mid-morning sun. Too bright for photos in most places].



Trees on the grounds of the Imperial City in Hue, Vietnam (see Imperial City) reflected in the moat surrounding the Citadel.  Beautiful place to spend the morning.


Tea Lady

This nice lady had a tea stall in the Central Market of Hue, Vietnam (see Hue Market and Commerce). Delicious green tea and very reasonably priced. I wanted to buy the large economy size shown in the foreground, but it wouldn't fit in my pack.


Imperial City

The Imperial City or Citadel in Hue, was the capital of the Nguyen dynasty from 1802 to 1945. The sprawling complex, located on the northern bank of the Perfume River, was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993. Some of the buildings have been beautifully restored:

Others provide a stark testimony to the impermanence of imperial dreams. [NOTE: This was a wonderful place to spend a few hours while waiting for permits (thx, Ms. Ngoc)].



The local markets are so picturesque that it's easy to forget that there is well-defined profit motive operating here. As is beautifully depicted by the vegetable lady in the image above, markets are all about commerce. [NOTE: Love the blue rain pants].


Hue Market

The central market in Hue is a riot of colors, smells, sounds - and plant diversity. This would be a fantastic place to study the ethnobotany of Central Vietnam.


Flat Fix

I met this little guy outside of a roadside tea shop south of Hue this morning.  Not sure he was fixing a flat as much as playing with his father's tools. Spent 12 hours in a car driving down from Hanoi yesterday. Tomorrow is the first "Returning Results" rattan workshop in the Song Thanh Nature Reserve (see Song Thanh N.R.).


Bao Quoc Pagoda

Detail of the original bell at the Bao Quoc Pagoda in Hue, Vietnam.  The pagoda was founded in 1670 by Giac Phong, a Buddhist monk from China.

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