First Thoughts on a Nam Sabi VMA
Monday, March 30, 2015 at 3:29PM
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A glimpse at Myint Myint Oo's (see Collaboration) fieldbook showing the potential layout of a Village Management Area and a basecamp outside of Nam Sabi (see Nam Sa Bi VMA, Tiger Tracks, and Stake 14). Fun to see this, because I remember the initial conversations, and the questions, and the doubts, and now the whole thing has been laid out and inventoried and has become an interesting (and hopefiully auspicious) piece of recent history for the village. [NOTE: More than you would ever want to know about the establishment of the Village Management Area at Na Sabi is contained here (CBNRM5.pdf), in the report of field activities submitted to the Myanmar Department of Forestry]. 

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