Growth Data for Wild Rattans
Monday, August 26, 2013 at 11:05AM

I've mentioned a couple of times (see Verification and Cambodia and Laos) that I was working on an article about the growth of wild rattans with my colleagues in Laos and Cambodia. I should have added that there is, essentially, "no published information on the growth of rattans growing in the wild" (Dransfield and Manokaran, 1994). This has now changed. Our paper, "Growth of wild rattans in Cambodia and Laos: Implications for Management", which reports 1206 annual stem growth measurements for six species of wild rattans, will be coming out in the October issue of Forest Ecology and Management. A pre-print of the article can be downloaded from the Bibliography page. The large-cane rattan pictured above is Plectocomia pierreana Becc., one of the six species studied. [NOTE: For those of you who care about this type of thing, the full citation for (Dransfield and Manokaran, 1994) is: Dransfield, J. and N. Manokaran (eds.). 1994. Rattans. Plant Resources of Southeast Asia No. 6, PROSEA, Bogor].

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