Chimney Sleeve
Thursday, August 11, 2011 at 7:25AM
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Last post in a triptych about the basement. We first put in a new floor (see Washer and Drier) with a vapor barrier to keep water from coming in during heavy rains (one of the joys of living in the floodplain of Long Island Sound). And then we installed a new water heater and switched from oil to a highly-efficient gas furnace (see Oil to Gas). Finally, to effectively vent all of this stuff we had to put a 6-inch steel sleeve in the old chimney. Required tile knocking, and guys climbing up on the roof, and soot from the basement getting tracked all over the house. But now it's done. [NOTE: That's "Chino" in the photo above pushing a piece of the sleeve into the chimney. Great tatoo].

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