Oil to Gas
Monday, August 1, 2011 at 11:01AM
[chuck] in Burnham ES 2 Furnace, Other, basement

More from the basement (See Washer and Drier). We are replacing our antique, oil-burning furnace (above), originally installed to be used with coal, with a more efficient, gas-burning furnace. We are installing the award winning Burnham ES 2 gas boiler (below) which has an AFUE Energy Star rating of 85%. As shown at the back right in the image, we also installed an A O Smith Effex gas water heater, which, I am told, is the highest-efficiency, residential water heater available. I am thrilled by the propects of improved heating and financial savings, and impressed by the clean, sculpture-like quality of the piping work done by the plumbers (thx, Ed). [NOTE: I actually know nothing about this stuff. My ecologist wife did the research, chose the best models, and even found the plumber (thx, Elysa)].

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