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Monday, June 1, 2015 at 6:55AM
[chuck] in Madagascar, Oronjia Forest, Science

This is what the dry deciduous forest looks like where we did the fieldwork for the commuity forestry workshop that I just taught with Chris Birkinshaw (see Oronjia Forest). Mostly short, secondary forest growing back after extensive charcoaling. More of a thicket, than a forest, actually.  As is shown below, the setting is fabulous, and there was always a cool breeze blowing in off the ocean.

Running transects through this stuff, however, was tedious at best. Image below shows Reza Ludovic pulling the transect rope to lay out a plot. Yes, he is crawling. Fieldwork was so hard – that it was funny. All the participants did a marvelous job, and we ran over two kilometers of line through this "forest" (thx, everybody, for your stamina and good spirits).   

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