One Year Memorial Service
Monday, February 9, 2015 at 1:01PM
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It's been a year now since my dear teacher Tokudo Jion Susan Postal passed from this life (see The Passing of Jion Susan Postal). To honor her memory and express gratitude for all that she did for the Dharma, for the EHZC, and for all her students, a one-year memorial service was held for Susan last Sunday at the Empty Hand Zen Center. I was particularly moved by the eko offered after the incense offering and Heart Sutra:

Today the assembly bows together and observes the annual memorial day of our founder, Great Teacher Tokudo Jion.
Through her vision this Zen temple has come into being.
Through her perseverance and skillfulness the Great Way of all Buddhas and Ancestors has taken root in this ground.
And through actualizing the heart-mind of Dogen Zenji's practice-realization she has transmitted the Buddha Way to her disciples and successors.
Respectufully we have offered flowers, candle, and incense.

This assembly has met to chant the Great Compassionate Mind Dharani and the Heart of Perfection of Wisdom Sutra.
May the merit of this ceremony return the kindness of our great teacher.
May she show her compassion to beings in the six paths of the three realms, remember this declining world, bring forth the spring of the udumbara flower, illuminate the past and present, and may the teaching of this school go on endessly. 

Many deep bows to Tokudo Jion. May her teachings indeed go on endlessly.

[NOTE: The eko is the dedication read after recitation of a sutra, to direct the merit gained from the recitation to a certain person or group].

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