Structure No. 1410
Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 2:54PM
[chuck] in Bagan, Myanmar, Other

There are so many stupas and temples at Bagan. Many don't have names, only numbers from the Ministry of Culture, Department of Archaeology. Of the 3,000 or so structures that cover the plain of Bagan, most people visit only three or four of the most well-known temples. But with bikes, you can find structures that no one is visiting. And you can walk inside, by yourself, and explore and see a beautiful Buddha statue.

And find a stairway covered in bat guano that clearly no one has climbed up in a while. Or, maybe you are not supposed to climb up this passage. But how can you resist?  Bagan is an amazing place.

[NOTE: I am struck that Structure 1410 looks a little bit like the Alamo].

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