How Tall Is That Teak Tree?
Friday, September 12, 2014 at 10:21AM
[chuck] in Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary, Science

This is all happening at the Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary Forward Station in Homalin (see Sandstorm). The rangers had just put a growth band around one of the teak trees in the compound, i.e. the tree with the big leaves–and the metal dendrometer band–in the center of the image, and now they were measuring back 20 m to estimate its height with a clinometer.

So much that I like about this photo. The young ranger squatting next to the tree (his job was to hold the end of the tape), the white meter tape snakeing out from the tree, the gaggle of rangers clustered together to collaborate on the measurement of tree height (there was only one clinometer), and U Maung Win, warden of the Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary, (in white plaid shirt and longyi) peeking out around the bole of the tree.  

My thoughts have started to turn, once again, to Myanmar. There is a trip back to Sagaing Region region planned for October 14, but, as of yet, no permits, no visas, and no plane tickets. I will keep you posted.

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