Friday, August 8, 2014 at 10:54AM
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So, we we had just started the afternoon session of our training workshop at the Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary forward station (see Foresters Measure Tree Height) and were going over the methodology for correcting the slope of the transect. And then I looked across the Chindwin River and noticed that the wind was starting to pick up and that a sandstorm was developing. And then the wind on our side of the river really started blowing, as well.

And sand and dust were blowing everywhere. And everybody just kept trying to measure the slope and ignore the weather event (i.e. the start of the monsoon) that we were engulfed in.

But then the wind really started blowing, and the sand got so thick you couldn't see. And then sheets of corrugated aluminum started blowing off the roofs and smashing into things. And people started running to take shelter and screaming. At this point, we all thought it best to put the training workshop on hold until things calmed down a bit.    

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