Miguel Talks Mescal
Friday, September 20, 2013 at 9:31AM
[chuck] in Acateyahualco, Science, mescal

My dear friend, Dr. Miguel Alexiades, discusses the results from the impact monitoring with one of the mescaleros from Acateyahualco (see Mescal Re-Visited). So much I like about this photo, e.g. the reams of data shown on the charts, the histogram showing (look closely) that the density of adult Agave plants has stayed more or less constant after 5 years of commercial exploitation, the expression on the face of the señora in the foreground. [NOTE: I have worked with Miguel for several years in Mexico, have collaborated with him as a part of the Steering Committee of People and Plants International for almost a decade, and have known him since he was a graduate student at NYBG. He wrote this while working on his dissertation. A real joy to be in the field with him (thx for the towel, Miguel)]. 

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