Waiting for Team 2
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 8:28AM
[chuck] in Acateyahualco, Science, resource inventories

During my last trip to Acateyahualco (see Mescal Re-Visited and Huarache), we divided into teams and went out to the forest so that the villagers could show us how they do their monitoring transects for Agave cupreata. It was super hot, and dry, and dusty. All but one of the teams had finished, and we were sitting in a tiny bit of shade along the side of the road. Everybody was ready to go back to the village for a cold drink and the main topic of conversation was "What is taking Team 2 so long?".

And then they finally came trudging up the road. They had been given the transects that were the hardest to get to, i.e. they were on the other side of the mountain shown in the background of the image. Luck of the draw, everyone agreed. 

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