Getting Started
Monday, March 4, 2013 at 9:21AM

Recently arrived to Caño Iricahua to visit my Grias plots (see Grias Predated), record mortality data and measure seedling growth, and then wander through the forest and collect plant specimens. Umberto Pacaya (see Umberto Pacaya) is driving the boat, José Tuanama (see The Water Was Up to Here and Need A Ladder?) is standing up in front, and Aurelio Curinuqui (see Aurelio y Luz and second photo in Camu-camu) is standing up in the canoe with his paddle.  Aurelio and his wife gave us the parrots. No idea who took the photo. Elysa? [NOTE: I look like I'm still asleep. It's about a 20 minute boat ride to Iricahua]. 

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