Lakyun Setkyar Buddha
Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 12:27PM
[chuck] in Buddha statue,Monywa
In the village Khatakan Taung outside of Monywa is a massive, 120 meter tall Buddha statue. It is still under construction, but 25 floors have been finished and you can walk up inside the structure. The elevator wasn't working the day I went, but I made it to the top floor. It was real hot and there were a lot of tiny steps, but I went slow, looking at all the paintings and statues and learning a bit about the Theravadan interpretation of Buddha's life.
Image above shows the view from the 10th floor, shot through the elevator shaft that was being repaired. [NOTE: Although the Myanmar signage says that the Monywa Buddha is the tallest Buddha statue in the world, apparently the Statue of Vairocana Buddha at the Spring Temple in Henan, China is taller.
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