Friday, January 25, 2013 at 2:40PM
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Wellness altar in the dokusan room (see Dokusan Bell) at the Empty Hand Zen Center. Photo shows Susan Jion Postal and Dennis Shofu Myozan Keegan (see Myozan). Last year was a tough one health-wise for both of these dear teachers, and the altar provides an opportunity to offer a bow and some petal incense to their continued health and well-being. And it seems to be working. Both are doing much better and it's great to have our teachers back in the zendo again. [NOTE: The large statue next to the photo is a Medicine Buddha, the little white statue to the right is Avalokiteshvara (see Avalokiteshvara and Quan Âm), and the petal incense in the offering and receiving bowls is made from dried rose petals. Petal incense is offered because a few sangha members are allergic to incense smoke]. 

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