Garden Hotei
Monday, July 23, 2012 at 12:09PM
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So, the couple called Empty Hand Zen Center one evening and said that they had a Buddha statue that they wanted to donate and they were bringing it right over. Susan was the only one there to receive them. Turns out the statue was of Hotei, the Laughing Buddha, instead of a stately statue of Shakyamuni sitting in meditation that everyone would love to have in their Zen garden. Also turns out the the statue weighs a ton, and nobody could move it. So it sat in the EHZC parking lot for awhile until a bunch of strong Sangha members muscled it into the corner of the garden. Now, a year later, it is slightly hidden but much beloved by everyone who happens on it. [NOTE: The whole story makes a nice counterpart to a previous post (see Misplaced Hotei)].

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