Beat The Drum
Monday, June 25, 2012 at 10:18AM
[chuck] in Blue Cliff Record, Dharma, Imperial City, Kasan's "Beat the Drum"

Kasan, giving instruction said, "Practice and learning is called 'hearing'; complete learning is called 'being next to the fact'. When you have passed through these two it is called 'true passing'."

A monk stepped forward and asked "What is the 'true passing'?"

Kasan said, "Beat the drum".

He asked again, "What is the true reality?"

Kasan said, "Beat the drum".

He asked again, "I do not ask about the sentence 'Mind itself is Buddha (Case 30, Mumonkan), but what does 'Neither mind nor Buddha' (Case 33, Mumonkan) mean?"

Kasan said, "Beat the drum".

He asked once more, "When someone who knows the ultimate Truth comes, how should we receive him?"

Kasan said, "Beat the drum!'

-from the Blue Cliff Record, Case 44: Kasan's "Beat the Drum".

[NOTE: Drum is from the Imperial City in Hue, Vietnam].

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