Waiting for Sandy
Monday, October 29, 2012 at 12:56PM
[chuck] in Hurricane Sandy, Other

Here we go again (see Waiting for Irene). Hurricane Sandy is one its way to New York and it looks like it's a real big one that's going to stay awhile. Trains and buses and subways are all closed, as are schools and stores and offices. It has started to rain and the winds have picked up. We have done all the preparations that we can around the house and now we wait. Pumpkins are out on the front porch (see above) because Halloween is Wednesday. Hope they don't blow away. Hope Halloween isn't cancelled. [NOTE: Hope the big white pine tree (Pinus strobus L.) in the side yard doesn't fall on the house]. 

[NOTE (as I continue to wait): Wall Street Journal has an interesting comparison of Hurricanes Irene and Sandy. How Sandy is wider and stronger than Irene, and how this could be the worst East Coast storm on record. Gulp]. 

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