Still Chuck
Monday, October 15, 2012 at 12:42PM
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[NOTE: Reflecting on something truly wonderful that was said yesterday in my Shuso Hossen ceremony (thx, Jeff), I thought it appropriate to re-post this entry from August 22, 2011. More later on this ceremony if I can get some pictures; I certainly wasn't taking any].

In April of 2009, Dosho Port visited the Empty Hand Zen Center to give a talk and promote his fine book, Keep Me In Your Heart a While. I introduced myself during dokusan, but when I later gave him a copy of his book to sign, he looked up at me, pen poised, with a questioning look on his face, i.e. what's your name? I gently replied, "It's still "Chuck". His inscription is shown below:


Even after the Fall Practice Period, the intensive retreats, and the Dharma Inquiry, there is still quite a bit of "Chuck" hanging around. But I am working on this...

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