Rosemary Focaccia
Monday, January 9, 2012 at 8:46AM
[chuck] in Oficinas Caboclas do Tapajós, Other, focaccia, jacarandá

Spent a lovely afternoon in the kitchen yesterday making rosemary focaccia. Both the bread - and the presentation of the bread - were pretty fantastic. Image above shows the flatbread (already half gone) on an OTC (see Oficinas Caboclas do Tapajós (B&W)) cutting board made by communities in the Tapajos-Arapiuns Extractive Reserve in Brazil (see Tapajós-Arapiuns). Hot bread and warm tropical memories. [NOTE: Cutting board was produced in the village of Nuquini from jacarandá (Dalbergia spruceana Benth.) wood]. 

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