Management Planning II
Monday, January 30, 2012 at 8:59AM
[chuck] in Laos, Science, forest management

This is what participatory forest management looks like. In this case, managing for rattan in Laos. Baseline data on rattan density from community inventories shown in the background on the flipcharts. I did the writing, so it's a little messy. Bansa Thammavong (WWF Laos; with blue dry marker) and Thibault Ledecq (Regional Director of WWF Rattan Project; with beard) stand up front and try to explain what it means; Le Viet Tam (WWF Vietnam; right foregound) takes notes on his computer. Massive (and extremely heavy) wooden chairs, a highly polished conference table, plates of snacks, and several bouquets of plastic flowers. It was Saturday and we were in the main conference room at the Provincial Governor's office in Lak Sao. Can only assume that we had permission to be there. 

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