Food From The Forest
Friday, July 8, 2011 at 8:05AM
[chuck] in Science, Song Thanh Nature Reserve, TabHing, buffer zone

Hiked into the buffer zone outside of the Ta Bhing commune yesterday at the Song Thanh Nature Reserve (see Song Thanh N.R.). Was accompanied by Mr. Thanh, two rangers from the reserve, and a villager from Ta Bhing. We stopped to rest on the way down the mountain, and the young man from Ta Bhing took advantage of the break to wash the greens that he had collected in the forest. [NOTES: Was a beautiful, yet strenuous hike. I won the fall-down contest (2x), while Mr Thanh won the leech contest (7X). The music in the clip is a recording of what was playing in the truck when I did the editing].

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