Enter From There
Friday, November 4, 2011 at 8:56AM
[chuck] in Ching-ch'ing, Dharma, Hsuan-sha, Myanmar, Zen

The story goes that a monk named Ching-ch'ing came to Zen Master Hsuan-sha seeking instruction. Ching-ch'ing said, "I've come seeking the truth. Please, master, tell me how I can enter the way of Zen." Hsuan-sha said, "Can you hear the sound of the creek down by the gate?" Ching-ch'ing listened, and replied, "Yes, master, I can hear it." "Enter Zen from there," Hsuan-sha told him. [NOTES: Image from Mile 7 Camp, Ledo Road, Hukuang Valley Wildlife Preserve, Myanmar. Story from Together Under One Roof by Lin Jensen].

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