More Rattan Counting
Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 9:49AM
[chuck] in Science, Truong Son rattan survey, Vietnam

The field crews from the rattan survey (Where are Those Transects and Field Books) sent a lot of images together with their data files. The shots provide a good overview of what the inventory work in the Central Truong Son mountains was like.

There was, for example, a lot of slogging around to locate the transects,

some confusion trying to figure out the identity of all the different rattan species that were encountered,

the tedium of setting up a new base camp every night,

and the occasional bit of fun when the rain stopped and the transect passed through a nice, i.e. flat, piece of forest. These guys did an amazing job with this survey. Deep bows of gratitude.  [NOTE: I love the plastic sandals and the leech socks].

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