Transect at Wudong
Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 5:15AM
[chuck] in Guizhou, Leigongshan Nature Reserve, Miao, Science, Wudong

In spite of the constant rain, we managed to finish a 1,000 sq. meter transect down a 40% slope in the forests outside of Wudong.  Was a slippery mess. That's Yang Chenghua in the back (with the great hat) from the Guizhou Academy of Forestry; he identified all of the trees for us. Zhiyao Lu, a Master's student at Minzu University in Beijing, leads the way down the slope. Yao did a great job tallying the data and keeping the fieldbook dry.  And all the tree names were written in beautiful Chinese characters (many thx, Mr. Yang and Yao).   

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