Doña Olga's Orchid Tree
Saturday, March 6, 2010 at 12:00PM
[chuck] in Prosthechea, Science, Selva Maya, orchids

When I am working in the forests of Tres Garantias in Quintana Roo, I always try to have lunch with Doña Olga (more on this later).  Besides the delicious frijoles, there is a Terminalia tree in front of her house that is festooned with orchids. There are, at least, ten different species growing on this tree, all collected from the forest and subsequently given to Doña Olga (probably because of the frijoles). The one shown above is Prostechea cochleata Knowles & Westc. [NOTE: M. en C. Antonio Sierra identified the orchid (thx, Toño); Luis Chai set up the lunch date (thx, Luis)].

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