Sao La Rattan
Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 11:15AM

Am off to Vietnam after Thanksgiving to visit the Song Thanh, Phong Dien, and Sao La Nature Reserves and present the results from the rattan inventories to the park staff at each locale (see Where are Those Rattan Transects? and Field Books). A rattan density contour plot for Sao La is shown above. The circles represent the inventory transects; the larger the circle, the higher the density of rattan in the transect. The darkest green areas contain over 500 rattan canes/transect (2,500 canes/hectare), while the palest yellow regions contain about 35 canes/ transect (175 canes/hectare). There were no transects that didn't have rattan in them. [NOTE: Nineteen different species of rattan were recorded at Sao La. The white area in the lower left of the image is Laos].  

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