Transect Ropes Redux
Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 1:07PM

I usually bring all the field equipment for the transects with me: Silva Ranger compass (w/o clinometer), Speigel relaskop for measuring slopes and tree heights, diameter tape, Garmin GPS 60 receiver, 30 meter fiberglas tape, several rolls of orange flagging, and a spherical densiometer (Model C ) for estimating canopy cover. The 20 meter, nylon transect rope with special knots to correct for slope is too bulky to bring and, as a result, I usually buy the rope in a town near to where I am doing the fieldwork (see Shopping for Rope in Tanai). In this case, I brought the rope in a small hardware store in Leishan, Guizhou. [NOTE: I bought 60 meters of nylon rope this time to make two transect ropes. They were both left with Mr. Yang in the Guizhou Forestry Academy. Check out the size of the woks in front of the lady measuring the rope].

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