Overnight Boat to Jenaro
Monday, January 25, 2010 at 10:44AM
[chuck] in Jenaro Herrera, Other, Rio Ucayali

The overnight boat from Iquitos to Jenaro Herrera (see Jenaro Herrera) would frequently be extremely crowded. And once all of the places to tie your hammock were taken, people would start laying out their blankets and towels on the floor under the hammocks.  I remember on one particularly crowded trip I had a mother and small baby sleeping directly under me.  I was so worried that my hammock would come untied that I never got to sleep. And crawling through this chaos to get to the bathroom (the little louvered door shown in the background)...

[NOTE: The boat that I usually took, Ferry's, was owned and operated by - you are not going to believe this - Noé, or Noah, Ferry. And Elysa (see Aurelio y Luz and Chota Family) and I were such regular, faithful customers that they gave us a beautiful bouquet of plastic flowers as a wedding present.]

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